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A dynamic Organization providing ultimate service in the world of Web Hosting and Cloud Computing.


Always eager and constantly striving to provide best hosting service at the most reasonable price. It was a dream during 1995 which took a shape in 2002 with registration of the domain The initial offer was to provide web hosting service. That company which is now Auroinfo - ArcWeb SMAC has opened many branches of operation and this website is the face of Web Hosting operation. We are constantly growing in experience & expertise to provide a whole gamut of Cloud and eCommerce solutions and at the same time provide Web Designing and Digital Marketing Solutions.


To redefine cloud solutions by providing next level of service and support Auroinfo's mission is to execute the dream which was initiated during 1995 by creating a service in IT of a level which is not yet established in this domain. A strong drive for excellence & a constant aspiration for progress has made us an ever growing company in this fiercely competitive world of Cloud and eCommerce solutions. Our cloud servers run on clustered environment to provide stable and faster cloud servers.
Bigger and better data centres across the globe is in our agenda.

We Assure

Our Team

Auroinfo which is registered in United States is into a joint operation with ArcWeb SMAC India. The team is called Auroinfo - ArcWeb SMAC. It includes dynamic people having creative mind and an eagerness to progress.
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Lets drive through the service list of Auroinfo - ArcWeb SMAC which not only includes web hosting and cloud solutions but also Web Designing and Digital Marketing Service.We have a team of experts in WordPress, HTML5,Web Design Apps and custom coding.

Web Hosting

Auroinfo Web Hosting is our initial service and we are constantly working to expand the web hosting and cloud solutions to a next level.

Web Design

Our Web Design service includes all kind of web design, web development and web application service. Please check the master website for details.

DIgital Marketing

We use SMAC strategy for our Digital Marketing Service. ArcWeb SMAC Digital Marketing page explains this in detail.

Core Feature

Web Hosting Servers

Our shared hosting servers are equipped with 32GB of RAM and high speed hard disk to provide ultimate user experience. They are also connected with GBPS bandwidth.

SSL Service

We provide most affordable SSL Service with dedicated IP address.

Reseller Hosting

We provide reseller hosting with cPanel with branded nameserver for your own personal web hosting business.


Please take a look at our portfolio which includes all the services offered by our group of operation.
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ui/ux design
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Web Design
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Web Design
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video one

Web Design


Our clientele ranges from Corporates, Small businesses, institutes to students, startups and personal websites.

Our Blog

Get Latest Product Updates, News, Tutorial, Template or Theme Reviews from Auroinfo - ArcWeb SMAC Team.

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Dramatically redefine

Dramatically redefine end-to-end portals and efficient customer service. Seamlessly incubate enterprise-wide niches and dynamic intellectual capital. Dramatically innovate front-end customer service whereas emerging infomediaries. Authoritatively

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Feel free to contact us to ask your question about any service you like to buy from us.


Feel free to contact us to ask your question about any Auroinfo - ArcWeb SMAC service you like to buy from us.

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